My "Father's Day " present

Happy “Fathers Day” to me!  Look what my wonderful husband wanted me to have, istead of a present for himself.  He is such a sweetie.  Me and the kiddos got him a present anyway, but still.  Why do I need one of these?  So I can make some of these:to make these

To make some of these:headband

And some of these:


Oh what fun!


Leaving a comment on LisaLeonardDesigns post got me to thinking –  how can one thing bring back so many memories and such hope at the same time?  We jar tomatoes we grow in our backyard.  We pick ’em, wash ’em, and put ’em in a pot!  Some we use to make tomato sauce that we jar.  My grandmother used to “put up” sweet and sour pickles, among other things.  There is such a great sense of satisfaction when you see the jars all lined up in your pantry.  I don’t know about you, but when my pantry is stocked with good things I have hope.  Mason jars!  God bless the man who made them!

Well, on my journey to juggle all things mommyhood, I’ve decided to add a blog!  What a hoot! You know that day  – the birth day of your first child- did you have any idea?  I didn’t, not a clue!  Well, seven and a half years later I’m starting to figure this thing out – it’s day-to-day, minute to minute, not the big picture.  That’s what makes it sweet, that’s what makes it happy.  To live in the moment, to live in the now – you know that eye to eye contact, that hand in hand walk – oh,how sweet it is.  Snapshots of pure love, pure joy.  I hear the giggles of little ones in the background – daddy tickle time – can’t get enough!  Better join in – see ya later!

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